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    Instrument Valve
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    • High-pressure forged control valve
    • 800000 series control valve
    • 800000 Series Control Valve

      800000 series pneumatic cage control valve is a product developed on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign technology. 37/38-800000 series product is composed of 37/38 pneumatic membrane actuator and 800000 series cage regulating valve. 37/38 membrane actuator has large thrust and stable and reliable action. 800000 series cage valve absorbs advanced foreign low-noise and anti-cavitation techniques, and adopts micropore multi-stage pressure reduction technique to achieve good stability, low noise, and high endurance of pressure difference, which can be used as regulating valve at various operating conditions in large-scale power station and petrochemical industry.

    • High-pressure Forged Control Valve

      Control valve changes fluid flow by means of power operation by receiving control signal output by regulation control unit. Control valve is usually composed of actuator and valve. Based on the power used by the actuator equipped, control valve can be divided into pneumatic control valve, electric control valve, and hydraulic control valve; in addition, based on its function and characteristic, it can be divided into linear characteristic, equal percentage characteristic, and parabola characteristic.

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