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    API/ASME VIII Series Pilot Operated Safety Valve

    The valve mainly used as overpressure protection device at pressure equipment, vessel or pipelines in such fields as petroleum and gas, chemical engineering, electric power, metallurgy, and urban gas.The valve characterized by transforming spring direct action to pilot valve indirect action; high reseating pressure, good sealing performance, and discharge under high back pressure.

    Model: A49

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    Design and manufacture standard:  Design and manufacture standard:
    Design standard: ASME VIII, API520
    Structure length: API526
    Inside nominal diameter: 1/2”-20”
    Pressure range: 150LB-2500LB

    Key feature:
    1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, precision casting, and smooth surface.
    2. The pilot operated safety valve is composed of main valve and pilot valve, with the system pressure as driving force, and the pilot valve controls the opening and closing of main valve.

    3. Soft seal structure is adopted for main valve seat and valve clack so as to reach zero leakage before and after release.
    4. The allowable working pressure is close to the set pressure of safety valve. Just a small overpressure can make the main valve to rapidly reach the full draining state with large discharge capacity.
    5. Pilot valve is of non-flow structure, which reduces the emission of media and environmental pollution. The blowdown of pilot valve is adjustable, and the set pressure of safety valve can be tested online.


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